Accessible Education Webinars

This series of webinars was put on by the BATA  Educationalists Group in 2019. We feel the information contained in these webinars should be shared with a wider audience hence it is being posted onto the website now. Patrick McGrath (Texthelp) helped us put on this series which focussed on accessible education - making assistive technology better known and embedded into normal practice. Also, we looked at different uses of AT in society and future trends with particular reference to the education sector.  To view a webinar just click on the title. Each webinar lasts one hour so there are seven hours of watching if you did the whole series!  


Alternative Methods of Recording  - Myles Pilling(BATA) and Lee Chambers(Assistive Technology Specialist, Sonocent)

AT in Mainstream - Myles Pilling(BATA) and Patrick McGrath (Edtech  Strategist , Texthelp)

AT from BETT - Myles Pilling (BATA)

Exam Arrangements - Use of AT in Exams - Abi James (AbilityNet), Julia Clouter (Scanning Pens) Laura O'Hare(Texthelp)

Study Skills and Presentation Tools  - Myles Pilling (BATA) ,Matt Dean (COO, Aventido and Patrick McGrath (Edtech Strategist, Texthelp )

Smart Revolution and The Internet of Things - Paul Doyle (Bush Associates)

Outcomes from the DFE Edtech Strategy - Myles Pilling (BATA)