Dan Jellinek, founder of E-Access Bulletin and the E-Access series of conferences, has died at the age of 47.

His promotion of accessibility through his writing and the many projects that he initiated did a lot to raise awareness of the online barriers disabled people face.

His E-Access conferences brought technologists, big companies and disabled people together to thrash out the issues involved in opening up digital systems to disabled people.

Apart from being a first class writer, Dan was a great networker. He knew everyone and everyone knew him.

A meeting with Dan was always something to look forward to. Brimming with ideas, he had a knack of being able to mould them to suit whoever he was talking to.

Modest and charming, Dan was also tenacious. If he thought he had a good idea, he wouldn’t give it up easily.

A Cambridge English graduate, Dan began his career writing for the Local Government Chronicle and later UKAuthority. He always retained an interest in politics, writing a book on e-democracy called People Power.

Dan had many interests including cricket and food.

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