BATA Special Interest Group (SIG): Terms of Reference

The purpose of  a SIG is to promote the UK assistive technology Industry and raise awareness of assistive technology in the UK. SIGs are a vital part of our strategy to mobilise our members and those who subscribe to our aims. Where appropriate the SIG will lobby on behalf of the sector under the BATA logo. 

Membership of a group is open to all  members of BATA and a Chair will be elected on an annual basis from within the group. The Chair will report back to the BATA council on the activities of the group on a monthly basis (or as required). The Chair will be coopted to the BATA council (if not already a member).

Meetings will take place as directed by the Chair of each SIG. The Chair will take responsibility for coordinating meetings, and circulation of meeting agendas and minutes in a timely manner. The group will work together in a collaborative fashion with each member expected to show honesty, integrity and respect towards one another.