BATA founder member Dr Nasser Siabi, CEO of Microlink PC, has received a lifetime achievement award in the National Diversity Awards held at the Anglican cathedral in Liverpool recently.

Nasser  has spent 25 years spreading the message about inclusivity and creating opportunities for disabled people. In 1992 he founded Microlink, now the largest independent supplier of assistive technology ion the UK.

Some 40% of the company’s employees are disabled and Microlink has helped over a quarter of a million individuals around the world.

For example, Microlink has developed a mass screening tool to identify needs and target solutions for disabilities, which has been successfully piloted in several schools in Cape Town, South Africa.

The judges described Nasser as a man who has “dedicated his life and personal time to his vision”.

He has now turned his attention to a project which aims to create a ‘truly inclusive classroom’ to help every student in this country reach their full potential..

“I focus on finding the barriers that young disabled people face and do my up most best in breaking these,” said Nasser.

“Making employers aware of the skills that these people can offer, and changing their preconceptions is of upmost importance to me. I hope the work I do gives people the life opportunities that we all take for granted. It’s about giving people the life they want and deserve.

“By making people aware of the changes that need to be made, I hope that preconceptions will change and there will be increased opportunities for young and disabled people.

“Some are easy, some are not, but I believe that the work I’m doing is making a difference. We need to focus on youth and give them all the life opportunities they deserve and want. They are our future after all.”

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