A group of BATA members met Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) civil servants recently for a briefing on BIS’s roadmap for equipment procurement which had recently been approved as a “direction of travel” by the Minister.

Following the meeting BIS produced a roadmap document, with time lines of how it is envisaged changes will will proceed. BIS has asked BATA to circulate this to stakeholders for information and discussion.

As this document is quite brief, BATA has produced its own notes, outlining some of the issues and implications that were raised at the meeting.

BATA is keen for informed debate, fed back to BIS, as to how this roadmap will support BIS’s objective of providing fit-for-purpose assistive technology for disabled students. Please send your comments and questions back to us or direct to BIS.

Present at the meeting from BATA were Antony Ruck, Chair; Mark McCusker, ex-Chair; Ian Litterick, BATA Council member and ATSP; Jonathan Rouse, ATSP QAG rep; Chris Quickfall, ATSP. From BIS were Georgina Watts and Geoff Munn with SLC’s Graham Tranter and Amy Hedges in telephone attendance.

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