Our special interest groups are an essential part of joining BATA. They focus on issues that are of importance to our members.  To join a group you must be a member and  receive an invite. If it’s ATeducationalists you can join even if you are not a member click here to join . For ATeducationalists you can write a short post which will be approved by us and then you are free to contribute to the group. To join the  other groups contact us  to do this. The present groups are:-

  • ATGlobal  – members exporting to the world
  • AT-into-the Workplace – for members wanting to show how AT can be a positive aide in the workplace
  • ATeducationalists ( click here to join ) – for schools, colleges, universities
  • ATSP’s – at suppliers and publishers
  • Publishers – software publishers
  • ATQualifications and Accreditations – looking into accreditation and qualifications in AT
  • BATAstrategy – inform attitudes and form opinions on Assistive Technology