This Charter has been drawn up by the British Assistive Technology Association (BATA) council as a statement of the responsibilities and undertakings of the individuals and organisations who work with assistive technology products and services.

By joining the Association, BATA members have already signed up to our ethical practice statement, designed to ensure that those who seek advice, products or services receive expert and impartial advice. This Charter builds on those best practice principles and makes them available to a wider group of AT practitioners.

Members pledge themselves to strive towards the Charter’s aims and objectives. The Charter is not exhaustive, but it represents a basic set of common sense principals to which any professional involved in assistive technology should be able to commit.

Non-members may also wish to sign up to the Charter. They can do so by contacting the Executive Director so that we can publicly acknowledge their commitment.

The ten point Charter is intended to be applicable to as many organisations and individuals as possible, but it should be interpreted by each signatory in the light of their own circumstances. We have tried to keep the language of the charter as clear and simple as possible.

As signatories of the Charter of the British Assistive Technology Association we undertake to:


1 Be honest and accurate in what we say and write about goods and services we offer and do nothing intentionally to mislead. We aim to comply with all relevant legislation and standards that apply to disability and assistive technology.

2 Always offer goods and services that are of the quality we have stated and fit for purpose.

3 Deal promptly and fairly with anyone who raises a query or complaint about our products or services, endeavouring to put things right wherever possible.

4 Do everything we can to earn and keep the respect and trust of our customers and users, especially by dealing with them openly and honestly.

5 Involve and influence management at the highest level, where appropriate, in leading on the implementation of this charter and ensuring that we live up to the undertakings we make in signing it.

6 Ensure that all members of our organisation are attuned to the needs of disabled people and receive the appropriate training to ensure they are as disability aware as possible.

7 Make our communications, our premises and our business processes as accessible as we can and to carry out regular reviews to ensure we are meeting the highest standards.

8 Establish recruitment and employment practices that encourage disabled people to work for us, to support them and to make the appropriate reasonable adjustments to accommodate their needs.

9 Avoid recommending or putting pressure on anyone to buy or hire or make use of any service or product we produce that is not appropriate for the intended user.

10 Support BATA in its efforts to influence policymakers, increase awareness of assistive technology and to speak up for the interests of disabled people and the professionals who work with them.

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