One of the authors of an annual report on research in AT is trying to revive the publication after the work was taken in house by the Department of Health.

The annual parliamentary report on AT was until last year produced by the Foundation for Assistive Technology (FAST), but the contract was terminated by the Department as a cost saving measure.

Aidan Parr, who helped research the 130 page bible of UK assistive technology research for FAST, believes the recently published seven page document that the Department of Health produced is just paying lip service to a legal requirement to produce an annual report to parliament.

He wants to put together an alternative survey called UK Assistive Technology Research Review 2015.

“There was always a concern that the Department of Health would produce a ‘cut-down’ version of the report just to satisfy legal requirements pursuant to Section 22 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970,” said Parr.

“And lo! Here it is, in all its cut-down glory with little indication as to the diverse and exciting work British researchers undertake.”

Parr, a BATA council member, asks anyone who would be prepared to support the project, either through sponsorship or by purchasing a report, to get in touch with him at

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