BATA Educators Special Interest Group

15 June 2020

The Educators  SIG is a BATA group open to non-members. Unlike other SIG's you don't have to be a member to join. The SIG was setup to reach out to  the Education sector. For the past decade we have had no conduit in which to discuss or share thoughts, ideas and good practise. A vital role that BECTA performed  was to setup research to show good  pedgagogy ( teaching and learning) practise. . 

We aim to desiminate information in the form of postings on the group SIG.  Such as a programme of webinars on topics such as "Alternative Methods of Recording" to "Study Skills and Presentation Tools."  Group members can post topics and set up discussions on all matters relating to Assistive Technology ( ICT in Schools). At the moment of writing we are coming out of lockdown and some children are returning to school. Others are using remote learning resources whilst our publisher members have been giving offers to the public to support pupils with additional needs. 

Joining us

You can join Educators even if you are not a member of BATA. Just click here to join