BATA to lead World Health Organisation's UK survey

07 May 2020

This week BATA announces a major collaboration with the World Health Organisation’s flagship programme Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) to launch a survey to draw-up a list of priority assistive technology products APL in the UK.

This is an important step in asking UK stakeholders what AT they believe every person in the country should to have access to. This will help us as a country to plan, procure and provide the most essential products we determine are important to us today.

By doing so we hope to be able to make sure that we are procuring and providing all the correct products to those who need them most, whilst at the same time also helping the country to save money.

GATE’s APL project is based on WHO’s model list of essential medicines, which creates awareness among the public, mobilizes resources and stimulates competition.

The UK will be the first high-income country in the world to carry out an APL survey, which will involve a wide range of organisations and professionals representing disabled people. It follows surveys in only two other countries, Nepal and Tajikistan.

The UK is an established global leader in AT with a rich and diverse proliferation of AT specialists supporting a diverse range of stakeholders, from those in education, healthcare and labour to culture and sport.

By establishing an APL here we are demonstrating a bright new initiative for other compassionate and progressive countries to follow.

We will announce further details of the survey soon. If you or your organisation would be interested to take part in the survey please contact Council Member Esther Dakin-Poole who will be conducting the work and she will ensure that your details are added to the list of survey recipients: