BATA Publishers Special Interest Group

15 June 2020

Welcome to the BATA Publishers Special Interest Group! This is a group dedicated to the growth and development of UK Assistive Technology software through co-operation, communication and standards-setting.

The Publishers SIG works on everything to do with software, including client applications, website accessibility, software development and accessibility and interoperability standards. It is also a good place to share technical advice and knowledge.

Joining us

Apply to join the BATA Publishers SIG! You must be a member of BATA, but otherwise any member (or anyone who works as a member) can join.

Mailing List

We have a private mailing list. You will be added automatically to this mailing list if your application to join is accepted and can post and reply to emails in the group.

If you want to view old discussions and emails you can sign in to Google Groups with a Google Account corresponding to the email address you used to join the Publishers SIG and view them. Sign in to the Publishers group.