BATA signs Bologna Declaration and joins Global Alliance of Assistive Technology Organisations

07 November 2019

BATA has joined over 500 individuals and organisations calling for action to improve access to AT by signing the Bologna declaration.

The ten-point declaration was launched by the Association for the Advancement of AT in Europe (AAATE) this summer at a conference at Bologna University.

Among its aims for AT are increased awareness, enforceable legislation, research into the barriers to inclusion, better provision of technology  and education for users.

“In 2019, worldwide, millions of citizens are disabled by inaccessible environments, products or services and/or they lack access to appropriate assistive technology (AT),” says the declaration.

“That is in sharp contrast with what is technically possible, and available, in many places.”

At the same time BATA has joined the Global Alliance of Assistive Technology Organisations, an informal association of not-for-profit membership organisations.

Global Alliance members are committed to working towards equitable and reliable access to assistive technology through research, policy advocacy, educating people and organisations within and outside of the field, teaching, training, and knowledge translation.

To reach its mission the members promote communication and information exchange, support each other’s efforts, and speak with a more unified voice on international issues.

Sign the Bologna declaration here.