Disabled organisations to be consulted on a National Strategy for Disabled People

06 January 2020

The Government has announced it will publish a National Strategy for Disabled People this year

“We want to transform the lives of disabled people, ensuring they have access to opportunities and are able to achieve their potential," the Government said in last month's Queen's speech.

"We will publish a National Strategy for Disabled People in 2020 to ensure disabled people can lead a life of opportunity and fulfilment. Our strategy will be ambitious, supporting disabled people in all aspects and phases of their life."

The strategy will set out practical proposals on the issues that matter most to disabled people and we will use all the levers of Government to support disabled people to achieve their potential.

The strategy, to be developed with disabled people, disability organisations and charities, will include housing, education & transport.

Other announcements in the Queen's speechincluded:

  • a minimum award length for PIP is also being introduced to ensure no one will be reassessed for at least 18 months from their last review, unless they tell the DWP that their needs have changed;
  • a renewed commitment to reduce the disability employment gap with the goal to see an increase of 1 million disabled people in work between 2017 and 2027;
  • detailed measures to be set out in the New Year to encourage employers to play their role in retaining disabled people and people with health conditions in the workplace;