Guidelines pave the way for remote ergonomic assessments

22 July 2020

BATA’s Disabled Students’ Allowances Special Interest Group (DSA SIG) has drawn-up a proposed set of guidelines for remote ergonomic assessments.

The guidelines were put together at the request of the Student Loans Company (SLC) after the SLC said it not believe that an effective ergonomic assessment could be carried out remotely and that therefore assessments could not take place remotely.

“There have been differing opinions on this topic across the BATA membership, but a consensus has now been reached that has allowed us to propose a way forward, and this has been adopted as the agreed position of BATA,” said the DSA SIG.

The SIG has proposed a four-step process that begins with a triage stage in which assessors decide whether a. face-to-face appointment is required by students who need an adjustable chair, a height-adjustable desk, peripherals that require a user’s workspace to be measured or ergonomic items that need a user trial.

Students who do not require any of these items or who may be shielding because of Covid-19 would be entitled to a remote assessment via video call or telephone. A 15-minute assessment would be completed using appropriate PPE for both the assessor and student.

The 4th stage involves a face-to-face assessment for students who need to be measured for chairs and desks, or need to trial equipment. At the time of writing the SLC had not yet responded to the DSA SIG’s proposed guidelines.

Read the full proposed guidelines here.