Hiring People with Disabilities

22 May 2021



First impressions count so do first questions. So if presented with someone who has a physical disability your first questions might convey the wrong message to the prospective employee set both you and them at unease.  Unfortunately, we all suffer from foot in mouth disease and say the wrong thing unintentionally. So the plan is to do the homework. Ensure that you are prepared by incoporating systems that can gain useful information without making the interviewee stigmatised. 

Organisations like Diversity and Ability offer advice on the subject. Take a look at their Workplace section at :-


They also produce useful training courses for you and your employees to understand from the disabled person's perspective what life is like for those who find the things we take for granted a barrier to overcome.

For further information and advice please click on the document below:-

Inclusive thinking to support an inclusive market