How the AT sector is responding to Coronavirus

18 March 2020

AT suppliers are still open for business although many have closed their offices and cancelled meetings, following the latest Government advice on the Coronavirus.

Most planned conferences, exhibitions and roadshows are now cancelled or have announced new dates.

Office staff are working from home wherever possible. Some companies have already transferred training and support online rather than delivering face-to-face.

Many are using online conferencing services although there have been reports that the telecommunications network is struggling to support the extra load.

Assessors are turning to screen sharing platforms to make assessments.

With a high proportion of disabled people in the most at-risk groups, repairing and delivering hardware has been difficult. One company supplying students via the Disabled Students Allowances scheme is waiting 72 hours before working on machines sent in for repair.

The same company has adopted a policy of leaving deliveries on the doorstep for customers to then open the door and retrieve them. However, many students have cancelled deliveries and training.

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