News from the Council

20 May 2021

This will be an ongoing news desimination from the BATA council to you the reader. We want to make our communication to you informative and transparent as possible.

15th April

Council discussed GAATO's focus on AT in Education and the need for a proposal from BATA on our involvement with GAATO.

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) play an important role in giving BATA prominence there are been various successful events including one on "What is UDL for Educators," with over 100 people attending. The UK APL had a successful meeting as well and a Workplace conference which took place at the end of March was well attended and received.  A page relating to that event is on our website. There is also a wealth of information on the subject of Disability Confidence at AT in the Workplace.

In terms of our Very Important Projects the Training and Accreditation work is developing being spearheaded by council member Adam Hyland. Discussions are in progress over the proposed 4 modules and the costings required.