Reimagining DSA Summit

10 December 2020

DSA is a key element in enabling access to higher education, but students with disabilities are facing a unique set of challenges in obtaining the support and assistive technology they need to pursue their studies. 

The keynote speakers at our December 10 Summit, attendend by some 130 people, both contributed to a ground breaking report by the Higher Education Commission called Arriving at Thriving: Learning from Disabled Students to Ensure Access for All. 

The report examines the challenges and barriers experienced by disabled students and makes 12 recommendations for improving the support they receive at their higher education institutions.

Megan Hector of Policy Connect wrote the report while Piers Wilkinson, a former Disability Officer at the National Union of Students sat on the report's steering group. The third speaker was Krupali Parshotam, a newly qualified teacher specialising in secondary school science. Accessible technology ienabled her to become one of the first severely sight impaired science teachers in the UK. 

To access the conference there is a set of recordings at :-