"Smart Revolution" Webinar


Thursday 26th March at 3:45pm

A timely webinar as those in education have to consider different ways of communicating with their pupils and how can such technologies as smart ones help with that?

The use of smart technologies to extend the capabilities of older and disabled people in their own homes is even more pressing now that when we first discussed it.

We suggest that technology when used appropriately can be a means of facilitating independence in the home, a way of addressing social isolation and a tool to help leverage the capacity of an already hard pressed social care sector.

We will talk about some of the common technologies and how they can be used to support people with mobility problems, communication difficulties and cognitive impairments.

We will also address the challenge of not over promising and underdelivering safety critical outcomes based on devices that are intended to enhance comfort and convenience.

This webinar will consider the impact of smart things on improving the life of disabled people. Examples of what has been done and what will yet be done. The future is smart. It's a smart revolution! From smart speakers to smart bulbs, to accessing the latest news and music to making phone calls to automated menus.

Paul Doyle was the Assistive Technologist at Hereward College , a specialist college for complex needs. Now he is an Expert Witness for Bush and Company.He has a keen interest in the smart revolution and for seeing the potential such devices have for helping the disabled.

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