TechSharePro 2018

30 November 2018

TechSharePro 2018 took place this week at Barclay's Bank , Canary Wharf in London and sponsored by a number of organisations including AbilityNet, Google & RNIB. Great event with lots of inspiring talks and ideas to share. Here are just a few of them:-

Google Accessibility

Voice access – control the whole of the device, voice control on a chromebook. Tried it but not as comprehensive as I thought.

Research - User research

Important ideas can come from just 5 people! It doesn't take oodles of effort and is cheap to do. All you need are the users and time to do it.

Accessible Media – 150,000 programmes with Audio Description

Channel 4 very good audio description

BBC no proprietry open standard format . Able to mix and create good audio description. Interchangeable media incorporating all types.

Samsung tv's do have fairly good accessibility features and a 32inch screen but alas you have to press the remote button to access voice control

Accessibility Theatre

This was a surprising good session. Good to hear AT is being used in the Arts.

National Theatre are using Smart glasses for open caption theatre. Brilliant idea and looks a cool place to visit if you are hearing impaired.

Goals for 2019 at the National Theatre all performances to have smart glasses available for those with hearing loss to have caption direct from the stage

Neil Millican on Sustainable Accessibility

IAAP & Apprenticeship, RNIB, HEX DESIGN, ABILITYNET – recognised profession

Trail blazer group first intake for Apprenticeship in 2019

Reduced reality – filter over-stimulation that goes to the other end of augmented reality 

Make disability factors mandatory (Amen!)

VivifyMe - Android and apple in the future . Launching August 2019

Dementia friendly app but can’t tell you what it does yet ! Because i honestly don’t know!

Lewis Hine - "friend finder"

Lewis is an inspiring individual who has a medical condition that denies him access to school when it affects him. He wanted to reach out to others and discovered an amazing amount of people in the same situation as him take a look at:

Prom in a box - live prom link through A1 robot – great idea to get teens and young people who because of illness miss so much to attend a prom.


TechSharePro 2018
TechSharePro 2018