16 October 2019

The assistive technology scene is very diverse, with technology and services often aimed at particular disabilities and with suppliers often focused on specific Government support schemes. That is why over this last year we have been expanding BATA’s range of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and the programmes they put on. We hope it will help members get more out of their membership..

Each SIG has a forum on Google Groups and arranges online meetings and webinars via Zoom and puts on face-to-face events including conferences and summits. Most are restricted to BATA members, but some such as the Education and Assessors SIGs are open to anyone with an interest in those fields.

Here is a list of our current groups and their chairs. Please contact them to join a SIG. If there isn’t one that covers your particular interest please contact john.lamb@bataonline.org and we will see if we can set one up.


Louise Warriar louise.warriar@bataonline.org


David Atkinson david.atkinson@bataonline.org


Nicole Reid nicole.reid@bataonline.org


Myles Pilling myles.pilling@bataonline.org


Jack Churchill jack@bataonline.org

Non-Medical Help

Graham Coiley graham.coiley@bataonline.org


Rick Bell rick.bell@bataonline.org

Training and accreditation

Paul Doyle paul.doyle@bataonline.org

Visual Impairment (being set up)

Carolyne Smith carolyne.smith@bataonline.org


Noel Duffy noel.duffy@bataonline.org