Exam Arramgements - Use of AT in Exams (Webinar)

Current exam arrangements now allow and include assistive technologies but what are the stipulations? This webinar deals with the assistive technology tools and the way that they can be implemented in an educational setting. Issues such as when to make a application for access arrangements ? What should I do to prepare my students? What if they want to use amanuensis? This presentation will cover both schools, colleges, and universities.

Abi James has many important roles. She is an Accessibility and Useability Consultant for AbilityNet , a visiting research fellow for Southampton University and an Assistive Technologist and Technology Consultant for Assistive Learning ltd. She is on the BDA New Technologies Committee and has done many webinars on exam access arrangements and is rightly considered an expert on this subject.

Jack Churchill is the CEO of Scanning Pens . A technology that is recognised for use in exams. His company has grown and grown. He is in demand around the world and has a practical solution to education settings. Discussion around funding around exam arrangements and giving pupils indepence.