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At Cadno Tech, we provide assistive technology services. That means we help you in two main areas:

Assessments, consultancy and support_


We provide an individual assessment on the needs of the customer. This could be based on access to work technology or on the best way for someone to use technology to communicate or to control their environment._



For schools and universities, we give advice on how to use existing technology, and we recommend new tools and methods that can help bridge any gaps._


We know you'll have lots of questions, so we'll be here to offer our full support. Our expertise means you can put your mind at ease._

Training for individuals and organisations_

Whether it be in education, the workplace or the home, it's vital to match the right technology with the right training. With each of our services, we'll give you personalised training to help you get started and to learn how to get the best from your assistive technology. And if you need a one-off refresher or even a set of regular brush-up sessions, we can help you keep your skills up to date._

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